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    New IFEEL tattoo... Say hello to princess Luna and Pig Curious. Luna represents her (unconditional)loving kind and pig remains curious regardless of the horrible conditions she is put in. They are a reminder (along with Lion the King, rooster Mirek and cow Tetica) what inspires more music to come out of me.

    Undercover Video Documents Abuse of Pigs at Okla. Factory Farms The HSUS files complaints with SEC, FTC An undercover investigation of two of the nation's top pork suppliers, including a Walmart supplier, revealed inhumane treatment of pigs. UPDATE Feb. 9, 2012: In response to Seaboard's reaction to this investigation, The HSUS filed additional legal complaints with the SEC and the FTC.

    Everything stops for a good cup of tea. | 30 Utterly Lovely Tattoos For Tea Lovers


    inked music.

    Lovely- I can't explain how beautiful this is. It plays with the natural pigment of the skin to bring the colors out even more. It's just beautiful.

    Bebop tattoo

    Chaim Machlev in Berlin, Germany / The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World (via BuzzFeed)

    Watercolor Tattoos

    Bird tat | this is amazing•


    Love this tattoo.

    PITBULL Adopts Litter of Orphaned Kittens! ♥

    Truly man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds them. We live by the death of others. We are burial places.—Leonardo Da Vinci

    Faith In Humanity Restored

    True love does exist. Elephants are the only other animals that cry tears and have funerary habits. They are amazing animals. This is why they are my favorite animal.

    This is a picture of Luke Rowles when he was 15. He saw a group of men in a garden, kicking and beating this poor fox whose mouth had been sealed shut with duct tape. Lucas went straight to them without regard to his own safety, he shouted at the men and grabbed the fox. After healing his wounds, he freed the animal. Today, Luke continues rescuing animals for the RSDR - The world needs more brave people like Luke, with an unconditional will to help those in need.

    Looking for unique Tattoos? Lion with flowers tattoo

    Lion tattoo with flowers.