Mini Hot Cocoa Mug made from a large marshmallow!

Hot Cocoa Mug: makes you want to be some place cold. Okay, that just might be me. LOL

Marshmallow Pops. Much easier than cake pops! Can be done for any occasion just by changing the colors (great for baby showers)!

Fruit Christmas Trees

kids Christmas party

Candy Cane Dust - put candy canes in food processor and pulverize - Add to your hot cocoa - Add to your coffee - Add to icing - Sprinkle on cakes and cookies - Add to cake or cookie batter - Dip chocolate pretzels in it - Sprinkle on ice cream or yogurt

Preschool snacks with a Leap Day twist- frogs fashioned from a quarter of an apple, three grapes and 2 mini marshmallows with a dot of blue melting chocolate

Cut mini marshmallows in half diagonally. Put in plastic bag with decorative sugars. Shake. Sugar only sticks to cut part. Let them sit and petals will puff up again. Attach with icing on cupcake.

Christmas Food

Hot Cocoa Cupcakes #hotcocoa #cupcakes

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow made from store-bought cookie, large marshmallow, meltied chocolate, and candy cane.

Hot Chocolate Dippers

Marshmallow hot cocoa cups at a Winter Wonderland Party #winter #marshmallow

Make a cup out of marshmallow on a cookie with a candy cane handle. Could also make a tea party themed cup.

Snowman Hats

Hot Cocoa Stirrers

Hot chocolate stirrers...

Great idea for hot chocolate :)