This is a must for my girls! I’ve been searching for ideas for all their stuff animals!

zoo themed stuffed animal storage DIY idea! A good, fun and cute way to organize the stuffed animals!

This custom wood cage is perfect to store all those loose stuffed animals or balls!!

Wall-mounted craft paper dispenser! Just need to figure out what to put behind the paper for when the little ones color off the paper!

Blog - Animal ZOO This looks like the easiest AND cheapest way to make a stuffed animal zoo. This really looks so much better than an overstuffed toybox.

A fantasy fairy fort constructed from PVC pipes. Just think of the colors, shapes and lights you can design this getaway space with for your children. Perfect for quiet time, book reading or when the little one just wants to play with your iPad - as long as it is protected with Brica's goPal™ iPad Travel Case of course!

SUPER cute & easy bow holder for a baby girl w/o hair. @Becca Paro,

Cute idea!

DIY Homemade ball pit made with PVC pipes! Looks like I found a kid's playroom project for dad to make.

These are ADORABLE!

This is a great #diy idea! :)

Stuffed animals can be stored in a empty bean bag. This maybe it! Great idea as I'm not a fan of stuffed animals, but my kids refuse to get rid of!

Storage ideas

Arms, Farms & Fam: Stuffed Animal Zoo, like this version!!

Mama & baby hand <3 this is freaking adorable! So doing this! Just wonder if my kids r still little enough to do it

AWESOME idea for Lego / puzzle storage and table

Stuffed animal storage

Great way to store my sons stock of stuffed animals! Might paint it to look like a dungeon cell to go with the castle theme for his room

Document what your kids wants to be each first day of school.

The Zoo is a new soft toy storage system that lets children keep their soft toys and furry friends safely and securely. Experts predict that the Zo

A DIY Answer to the Dress-up Storage Question...Need to do this with all our superhero costumes!