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Almond Joy Pie

Like the candy bar, chocolate, almonds and coconut meld together perfectly in pie form creating a decadently sweet experience your palate will never forget! If you like Almond Joy candy bars, you'll be diggin' on this pie recipe!

Almond Joy Bars (With or Without the Almonds)

Almond Joy Bars (With or Without the Almonds)

Almond Joy Bars( Mounds without the almonds.but you knew that.)----um well to whoever originally posted this, almond joy bars are mounds WITH almonds.

Lattice Top Peach Pie in a Jar. Canning jars will hold up to both the cold of the freezer and the heat of the oven. I like the wide-mouth half pints because they’re shallow enough to eat out of easily and the large surface area at the top allows for lots of room for the streusel topping.

Lattice Top Peach Pie in a Jar

Pie in a jar!in a jar! I love this! Pie in a jar!in a jar! I love this! Pie in a jar!in a jar! I love this!

If you have friends (or if you want them), you should make this cake. But be warned: if you take this to a social function, you won't leave with any.

Honeybun Cake

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Honey-bun Cake~breakfast or dessert.you pick! I LOVE this as a cake! I always double the P Sugar topping because I love the way it seeps down in the cake!

If you have not had these cookies...YOU MUST!  Cool Whip Cookies. Use any cake flavor you like. I personally LOVE strawberry, lemon, or chocolate.

Cool Whip Cookies

Box) Cake Mix 1 cup Cool Whip 1 whole Large Egg 1 cup Powdered Sugar 1 package Oz. Box) Cake Mix 1 cup Cool Whip 1 whole Large Egg 1 cup Powdered Sugar

Strawberry Tiramisu - The most incredible dessert I have ever made! This will become a staple at all important celebrations

Strawberry Tiramisu 1 cup strawberry jam cup warm water cup orange juice cup Grand Marnier, plus one tablespoon extra pounds mascarpone,

Earthquake Cake - AWESOME! I think the girls would love to make this Saturday!!!

Earthquake Cake

Earthquake Cake cup shredded coconut cup pecans -- chopped cup chocolate chips 1 box German chocolate cake mix 8 ounces cream cheese pound butter -- at room temperature 1 pound powdered sugar. My gma makes the best Earthquake Cake ever!

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Banana Cream Pie ----- Click Here for Recipe

Peanut-butter chocolate banana cream pie

Meet a mouth watering sensation with our Peanut Butter-Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. This Peanut-Butter Chocolate Banana Cream Pie is one not to be missed.

Easy Butterfinger Pie - Holidays

Butterfinger Pie that couldn't be any easier to make. 4 ingredients and 10 minutes prep time. 6 ounce) butterfinger candy bars, crushed 1 ounce) package cream cheese 1 ounce) carton Cool Whip and 1 graham cracker crust

The best of both worlds! Hummingbird cake = banana bread + carrot cake

The Best Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake is a perfect marriage between Banana Bread and Carrot Cake. Lighter than carrot cake, almost crumbly. Cream Cheese Pecan frosting which gives a nod toward the Carrot Cake