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Infographic: 6 DIY Cleaning Solutions for Common Back-to-School Stains

From messy art projects to mud-filled soccer games, the back-to-school season brings a whole lot of spots and stains. We spoke with Jotham Hatch, Director of Training at the carpet and upholstery s...
  • ALL YOU Magazine

    6 DIY cleaning solutions for the most common back to school stains (like food spills, crayon marks, watercolor stains and more!)

  • ALL YOU Magazine

    Infographic: 6 DIY Cleaning Solutions for Common Back-to-School Stains (Get them out, quick!)

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I love DIY Cleaning Solutions! I may not always have a special cleaner on hand for a particular job but I usually have these ingredients. As a bonus I'm using mostly natural ingredients and I save money too.

Pinner says: First thing, I'm curious if the wrinkle release spray will smell like the vinegar at all or if the fabric softener in it will mask it...?? Secondly, I'm cleaning my oven racks tomorrow based on this & I'm excited to see how well it works. And finally, I'm pretty psyched (the little things) to try the armpit stain remover. Seriously ppl, everyone gets those, even a little bit.

laundry stain cheat sheet---These are all wonderful tips, and I'd add this: while working many years as a registered nurse in surgery & critical care, I kept a bottle of peroxide handy at the desk or in my locker.....apply a little to blood stains & they lift right out. I always had the whitest lab coat & cleanest shoes! Peroxide works well for stains that are organic in nature....

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I would just add that you can always put a few drops of your favourite essential oils to give a nice scent. But it has to be essential, not synthetic.

DIY Cleaning Solutions, most involving vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda.