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My White Ink Tattoo - Rustic white feather to symbolize guardian angels and loved ones passed by lilian

I am seeing a lot of these white ink tattoos now...I'm not sure how I feel about them, they kinda look like a fancy blister.

White ink tattoo!!! Way awesome for something I would need covered up when I get into the working world.

I'd have to do research to see how long this would "last", but I think if I were to do a tattoo, this might be something I'd consider: light ink!

White ink tattoo. Way better than the bold black tats. I think I want either the triforce from Zelda on my hand, or a music staff on my arm.

White Ink Sleeve - the first time a white ink tattoo has really grabbed my attention or made me desire one!

white ink tattoo -- if I ever GET a tattoo... it may just be white ink. Dad, does that make it any better?

If I were ever to get a tattoo, I would want it to be white ink. I kinda like how it looks like a scar ... and I have plenty of those.

Pros and Cons of a getting a White Ink Tattoo. Read this before getting one

if i get another tattoo, it will be in white ink like this one.