Marzano Question Stems

Depth of Knowledge Question Stems

Here is a Marzano word work cootie catcher to use for review activities: spell, say, give example/non-example/synonym/part of speech/nonverbal representation/definition/sentence.

This is completely AMAZING!!! An interactive Bloom's Taxonomy pyramid! Click on the links to find activities.

8 Reading Strategies for middle and high school students

Students read a picture book in pairs. After reading they roll a dice and the corresponding number instructs them to apply a certain comprehension strategy - make a text to self connection, retell, determine importance, use questioning, visualizing, infer The set includes one game card for teachers to photocopy for each game. Please see my other free products to download this game for grades 3-6.

Marzano 6-Step Process for Vocabulary Instruction

Marzano chart - This is different from the other one because the students rate themselves on their effort on a given task

Question cubes made from foam dollar store dice. Created for guided reading but could easily be adapted for other uses.

eye-lighter, to help with reading


Irregular Verbs foldable!

Hello Literacy: Marzano's Six Steps for Vocabulary Instruction

Test Takers Foldable - Plug it In- reminds students to use each of the multiple choice answers to fill in the blank. Some won’t make sense and will help them narrow their choices down. Jail the Detail- This flap reminds the students to circle or underline the key words in a test question. Look for the key words in the reading passage or determine how to solve a math problem by using this tip. - Stash the Trash- there are sentences included in test questions that really aren’t important

Print a thin strip of questions for students to glue in their notebook and answer. Beats trying to copy all the questions from the board (or not writing them down at all!)

Six questions for the beginning of the school year...The site also has some other great ideas on it.

Standards-Aligned Question Stems--Turn On Your Brain. Using my “I can” statements from last summer and combining that work with work from other sources (referenced in the document), one high school English teacher from Michigan, Robert Belprez, created the following chart as a quick-reference guide for integrating the common core into 9-10 grade ELA classrooms. Download the complete document here: Question Stems.

Evidence Based Terms - to teach kids to PROVE their reading responses

Ice Breaker Games for High School Students | eHow

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Friday Five: Questions to Ask when Differentiating Instruction - For the Teachers