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☽O☾ The Goddess Within - pagan novel by Iva Kenaz - moods ☽O☾

Ravelry: Triple Moon Goddess Bookmark pattern by Erssie

goddess - needle felted by ketty ben-eli shevach

shibori ribbon

Goddess of the forest, ceramic sculpture by Sue Davis

Morena (Slavic mythology) Morena (Morana, Marzanna, Mora) was a goddess of magic, winter and death in Slavic myths and legends. She was cold and beautiful, talented woman. She turned her future husband (son of God Dazbog) into an ox to marry him.

The Slavic goddess the Wise Villa traditionally is more known as Vasilisa the Wise. She is magician, who Masters woods and waters , defends nature. christmas snow maiden ukraine

The three Norns - Spinners of fate

Skaði is a jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains. She is also considered as a wolf deity and is usualy accompanied by them. Her home are the mountains, which turns her marriage with the god Njörðr, who lives by the sea, into a disaster!

Inanna ancient Sumerian Goddess of the rainbow and identified with the star of Venus


"Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers, or of the flowering of plants. I originally called this painting ‘La mort de Flore’ (The death of Flora). Flora was originally worshipped as the goddess of seeds and fruit. Later, she became the goddess of all that flowers’.When was Flora first worshipped? We know that her festival the Floralia, was introduced to Rome around 200 BC. But when was Flora last worshipped, was last taken seriously? "

NEW Gaia/Mother Earth Goddess Altar Stone by TheSimplifiedWitch, $20.00

Goddess Wheel

Crochet pattern for this beautiful Goddess doll. )O(

Divine Doll Goddess 'Demeter' by TantricTotems on Etsy, $60.00

In Ireland and Scotland, the first farmer to finish the grain harvest made a corn dolly, representing the Cailleach (also called “the Carlin”), from the last sheaf of the crop. The figure would then be tossed into the field of a neighbor who had not yet finished bringing in their grain. The last farmer to finish had the responsibility to take in and care for the corn dolly for the next year, with the implication they’d have to feed and house the hag all winter. (McNeill)

The CAILLEACH (or Crone Goddess) whose name means "hag" or "veiled one." The blue-faced goddess of the Scots and the Irish. Born on October 31 (Samhain), she rules earth, sky, sun and moon. She calls down the the seasons, the cutting winds and icy storms. With a wave of her magical staff, she causes the crops to wither, blades of grass to turn to ice and frost to spread across the land. The Winter Solstice marks the end of her reign when she returns to the mountains of snow and visits the sac…

Ereshkigal, Queen of the Great Earth: Goddess Istar's Sister

Peace Mother Doll

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triple goddess its a stitch pattern could do really cool stuff for some of the shops I sell in

Le Cairn de La Cailleach et de quelques autres | Sanctuaire virtuel dédié à cette déesse et à d'autres déités de manière plus occasionelle

Earth Goddess Ornament - Goddess Yule Christmas Talisman Home Decor Pagan Autumn Mossy Green Moss Brown

Rosary for Pagans.