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cob horse

Horses in love!

Dancing Black Horse

Hydrive Cat

"Orlov" trotter. A Russian mount. Beautiful horse!

Time for a sleigh ride!

♥ tender love

aww, giant horse hugs


Palomino Pinto American Saddlebred


Pink saddle, bridle, reins & breastplate

Gorgeous photo. I assume the lighting is the the sun lighting up the floor, while the horse emerges from a dark barn... then Photoshop MAY have been used to black out the background. When I make wallpapers and such, I frequently blot out the non-key parts of the picture (ie, fill them with flat colors, or blur them)... It makes the main part of the picture a lot more focused, and everything feels more clean, less busy. You can't do that to all pics, but sometimes it's the ticket...


beautiful black horse running through the water

lil' buddy...


horse horse horse

Wojtek Kwiatkowski photo


No pain, no force just perfect harmony.

love is love