Babaghuri Teapot

Jurgen Lehl Babaghuri teapots.

Takeshi Omura. Teapot.

théière kinto

"Bel Canto tea set" - a contemporary fine porcelain set by Heinrich Wang. Simply lovely.

Indian teapot

Tatsuya Hattori Teapot

hippo tpot

Raw Chocolate Teapot by clamlab on Etsy

'Bulbo' Kettle-- A fanciful swell of stainless steel shapes a beautiful kettle accented with the warm tones of acacia wood.

sankaku teapot ++ hisao iwashimizu

Teapot by Yasuko Ozeki

Mt. Washington Pottery

takashi endo teapot.


ポット&汲みだし : なづな雑記

Blackcreek Mercantile and Trading Co. Sculptural Kitchen Tools by Joshua Vogel


Blair Meerfield

Dark grey teapot - just what I've been looking for classic yixing teapot Dar Gitane

Norikazu Oe