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  • Presley Shemelia

    Well unfortunately 95% of those verses you put were Old Testament and we are no longer bound by the Old Testament we are under the New Testament which is to love God and love others as ourselves.

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  • Christian Dude

    God allows sin from the devil because He wants us to have free will. If we were all robots who had to follow Him, we wouldn't really have faith. Think about it, we overcome hardships and only become stronger with a better faith.

  • Sharkfish 74

    You believe what you want, Im not telling you to think about what I believe. Unlike you. Let live, dear. I dont need god to be free. I am free and happy. I believe in inner strenght which has nothing to do with any of many gods.

  • Sharkfish 74

    And you dont have to think about it. Just accept it.

  • Sharkfish 74

    Which god did you mean anyway? There is like 5000 of them. ;-)

  • Christian Dude

    Ok, I am fine with you believing what you want to believe. God gave us free will. I would just love to see you with me in heaven. I will be praying for you because I love you. I believe in the God that speaks to me and gives me joy, not happiness.

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