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  • Cassidee Blessing

    Empire Records!!!!! Top ten favorite movies!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Lindsey Giles

    Great movie!

  • Lindsay Powell

    my latest - for all the children of the 90's - one of my favorite movies!

  • Melissa Hirstein

    You know you have the right friends when you post this quote on your Facebook and people immediately reply "My name isn't f'ing Warren!" "His name isn't Warren." "His name isn't Warren." "I thought his name was Warren."

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Empire Records. not really a "lawl" but still. needed to post this greatness.

Empire Records. Best.

Empire Records - hahahhahah - gotta feel it sugar high! Such a so many night watching this with Jeffrey in high school

Empire records is open til midnight by Garret Steider, via Flickr

I always wondered why my mom was pissed when she heard my listening to Lil Kim.

But it was too late...she'd done got a whole number...

Wow I actually forgot about some of these!! Thirty-five things you will never see again in your life.....from the 90's.

"The more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink!" My friend Jesse would say this!! lol