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CAN I GET AN AMEN???? You know who you are


Never tie your shoelaces in paris - #proposal #fakeout & ruined #vacation #funny

Seriously, Off!. We know people are hypersensitive about animal cruelty, but this just took it to the next level.

This Pun Was Months in the Making

Apparently, the biology department won a major award!

I bet people were so pissed lol

Kids are awesome.

Random Funny Pictures – 67 Pics

.....I feel like I shouldn't laugh at this.

Come in, dude...

I think everyone can relate to this

i love up.


Bras We Have Known, Illustrated

I have been on a diet for two weeks and all I have lost is 14 days.

According to the BMI chart my weight is fine... I'm just too short.

Wow, honey, the house is so clean! Was the internet down for a while today?

love when this happens!