Each child got a list, clip board, pencil and one flash card (on a headband). Then the students roamed around the room reading sight words. They drew a line from their peer's name to the sight word they read off their peer's forehead. OH MY GOODNESS - Have to do this one!

Play tic tac toe with spelling words! Awesome idea!

Super cute sight word game for kids. Find your sight word partner!

I love this! Makes learning sight words fun!

Sight Word Slap Game

One student reads a word while two other students race to try to smack the bug with the corresponding word. Could do with math problems as well.

Practicing sight words. Write 5 sight words down on a white board. Then erase one. They have to write the word that is missing on their white board.

Fiddle Sticks – Undoubtedly the BEST game ever!! I’m not exaggerating. "Fiddle Sticks" great game for practicing skills such as sight word recognition and math facts etc.

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: popcorn words

printable sight word books

Super fun game for practicing sight words or letters

Sight word watches...love this

Tons of free educational games for 3yr - 2nd grade

A fun way to form sentences :)

Color and Read: Early Emergent and Emergent Readers for 9 different colors ~ includes beginning sight word practice, too! | This Reading Mama

Trash or Treasure? Students practice difference in real or made-up words (I would call them Dr. Seuss nonsense words!) Could also use for sight word practice, spelling words (correct or incorrect spelling)....Love this idea!

Candy Land: Sight Word Edition! Adapt for Spanish (translate vocab, conjugate verbs, ask/answer questions, etc)

Make your words disappear! For sight words

sight word practice

GENIUS. Sight Word Fluency - This is such a fabulous system for tracking and assessing sight words, and to make it even better, it gets kids motivated!

sight word swat - needs three to play. One child reads out a sight word. Two get the swatters and swat the word that's read :-) Sounds like loads of fun- but perhaps best for outside play-learning due to ensured enthusiasm!