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10 Essential Oils for Emotional Health I am a consultant for doTERRA essential oils. Feel free to ask me about them & how I use them with my family daily! I would love to share!

"The Fire child is the charismatic leader, outgoing and funny but can be prone to mood swings and impulsive actions. The Earth child is the cooperative peacemaker who can feel worried and indecisive when stressed. The Metal child is comforted by routine and finds it difficult to shift attention from task to task. The Water child is the imaginative dreamer, deeply introspective, who struggles to keep track of time." ....

from Etsy

Mood Swing pin

Give them fair warning about your mood at any given moment with this sterling silver pin with a swing that actually moves! You can choose and set your mood to Great, Good, Okay, Bad or Nasty. The tiny plastic woman is hand painted and mounted.

Never said it would be easy for either of us. Just hoped to make it worth while by providing more good times then choas. . .