Kate Winslet. love her hair!

Kate Hudson

Kate Winslet for Lancome by Mario Testino

Alright, so this chic is kinda on the top of my "too cool for school" list. Amazing voice...plus her hair is generally killer!

Katy Perry

Kate Winslet

Jennifer Aniston

kate winslet.

Kate Winslet

Sofia Vergara.

Jennifer Aniston

i always have to smile when watching movies with anne hathaway :>

Kate Winslet. One of my favorite magazine cover shots, from Vanity Fair.

Kate Winslet for Vogue

Marion Cotillard

Kate Beckinsale

Jennifer Aniston-love the pose

Kate Winslet. My favorite actress.

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Number 8: Megan Fox. I love her bad ass attitude and let's face it she's absolutely gorgeous!!