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This is why I love Simon Pegg! And Little Martin lol

Yes, Elijah Would…

Behind The Scenes Of “Frozen”…

Lana & Jared being cute behind the scenes ♥

Ian Somerhalder as Boone and Madison as Vincent. I am still watching Lost. I hate that he died so early in it. :/

User Actions Following John Barrowman MBEVerified account ‏Team_Barrowman My daughter came to surprise me Willaaaah #MalcomMerlyn #TheaMerlyn she is here to see daddy perform:) #palladium jb


{Life goal: become as fabulous as Lee Pace (gifset)} - OMFG WHERE IS THIS VIDEO!!! I NEED IT ASAP!!! FOR REASONS ♥_♥

Lee and Orlando Talking about being elvish father and son (Gif set) / The Hobbit cast /Legolas / Thranduil

I just need this picture of Lee dressed as Thranduil wearing uggs and a dressing-gown pinned on my bedroom wall for the rest of my ife

"Legolas, what are you doing?" <--being totally adorable, that's what!

Nina and Chris at the Spartan Race ♥ CUTIES

A Visit To The Set ABC's Hit Show The Middle! #ABCTVEvent — The Queen of Swag!

the vampire diaries set # backstage # elena and damon # nina dobrev & ian somerhalder

On the set of The Originals!

Bentonite Clay face masks are unbelievable...they literally vacuum out your pores, drawing out oils, toxins, and impurities. Great for acne. This links to a post explaining how to effectively use Bentonite Clay powder as a face mask. This is a must read for anyone who wants clear skin. (Which, hello. Is everyone!)


#Audrey Hepburn on the set of #Mayerling

Colin O'Donoghue Captain Hook Killian Jones Emma Swan Jennifer Morrison Once Upon a time If you take place like thanks Miriam

They Are So Adorable!

Halle McClintock: WE’RE STILL SHOOTING!! With Paul Brinegar & @ErnestoRiley - we love you all!!!!

William (with his iphone), Skandar (with a stick?), Georgie sitting on Ben's lap.

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor - Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin II The 100 ships: Bellarke

Chris Larkin (Monty Green), Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake) and Eli Goree (Wells Jaha). || The 100 cast behind the scenes