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    • Amy Halverson

      This is so true! Need to remember this

    • Your Zeal for Life!

      #Inspirational #Quotes #Inspiration #Motivation #Inspire #Faith #Grace #Love #meditation #yoga #spirituality @YourZeal4Life

    • Andrew Ryan Hesselbart- Matt10:16-23-

      TRUE STORY! <3 God grants continuances to make us stop & think before we hurt those we love again <3 If someone spies on us who used to love us & sets us up for failure as we thought we'd be able to communicate a better more reasonable approach to Christian living outside of Satan's divorce courts then they go to hell for making worry from nothing. Tattling on someone who is innocent is wrong. Sending them to jail for not taking meds when they should have put you in a hospital is wrong. LOVE!<3

    • Julie Kelley Bellotte

      TRUTH! Gotta remember this...

    • Erika Green

      Daily reminder

    • Deanna Brandes

      Going on the bathroom mirror

    • Nikki Zobel

      Most of the things I worry about never happen.--Need to Remember this.

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    real test of character

    This is an amazing quote!

    Seriously, I am not being bossy.


    No man can add a second to his life by worrying.

    We all sweat the small stuff.

    ...and irritate those who wish to destroy you.

    this is why i chose Pediatrics.

    so very true - now I just need to remember this

    Positive thinking.

    perspective & effort


    Don't worry. Be happy.


    ..or I pretend that it isn't there.

    Favorite Quote


    Irrational fear of being in trouble all the time...right here.

    I need an Oscar.

    ...and he never gets it right the first time. men.


    ...and the latter is EXACTLY who I am.

    oh boy.

    ...or the bird.