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Antique wheelchair-Clifton Hospital 1973. I lost twin girls. The hospital still had one of these in use. Bud pushed me around in it during my hospital stay.

The "disabled hero" posters can actually create more prejudice between PWODs and PWD. The people that society recognizes as those heroes are oftentimes individuals who have resources that average individuals do not, such as a wealthy family background. With more money comes more opportunities for better care and life quality.

this is an old wheelchair from the 1950's which even had a hole in the seat to use it for the restroom

at least I don't live back when this is all there was....although one hospital I was in still used them...weird

Abandoned Sea View Hospital on Staten Island, New York -- by no3rdw, via Flickr

Fattism is ingrained into our culture and has to do with the obsession of weight. In fact, children prefer to draw pictures of people who have disabilities rather than an overweight individual.

I love antique wheelchairs. So cool looking.