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Have your students draw the stuff in their room....or just on your floor. Great Idea to get ideas flowing !

Love this beautiful old illustration

Illustrations from 'Erpétologie Générale, ou, Histoire Naturelle Complète des Reptiles' by AMC Duméril & G Bibron, 1854.

Oh, what a terrible sinister game, The hunter did play, To give them the hope That they could get away. When biding his time, He did wait down the line, To bring a disaster On their youthful dreams of escape.

i also like to collect vintage kidbooks. this became a passion of mine after digging through those which were my dad's/uncles' and which are now mine for my classroom from grandma's garage. ALSO from thrift-digging like every other poor college student to begin building a classroom lib! This ones cool! and illustrated by richard scarry, another passion of mine ;) I miss lowly worm every day!

Dame Wilkins and Her Cats Game---Vintage Child Life Magazine Halloween Illustration

lol - its the gateway drug to no sex. i think i laugh for an hour after i heard this one. thanks for a laugh my dear friend donna

The Traveler | Illustrator: Richard Perez - | Prints available here -