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  • elisa ryan

    Best of Baffled Boxer Dog Meme, so so funny

  • Dani's Digitals Photography

    "Someone is at the door, how can you stay calm at a time like this?!" - Gotta love dogs. #pethumor #dogs #animals

  • Kaitlin McCall

    this dogs face is so funny!

  • Marianne Pollard

    This is too funny. My cat reacts to the doorbell by standing up on her haunches to look at the door, which makes her look like a meerkat.

  • Jessica

    funny dog pictures - Someone is at the door How can you stay calm at a time like this?!

  • Courtney Skinner

    funny, funny pictures, funny photos, funny meme, meme, funny dogs, dog, Best of Baffled Boxer Dog Meme

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I have a Chihuahua/pekingese mix that is the sweetest dog ever, let's kids tug on her long fur and she has never done anything, but she acts almost completely Pekingese. Full blooded Chihuahua's are (mostly) evil. :))

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old dogs are the best dogs, and make a family complete. Love them to the end