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baby food recipes from Camille Styles

baby girl... Just like mommy's necklace from anthropologie!

Homemade Baby Food Recipes Finger-licking good, healthy, and surprisingly-simple homemade baby food recipes from cookbooks like Love in Spoonfuls, The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet and more. #BabyFood #Baby #Recipes #BabyRecipes #HomeMade #DIY

toddler food

Make Your Own Simple but Nutritious Baby Food with Weelicious & Honest

Click for a printer-friendly version! Perfect for Moms-to-be!

Baby Shampoo Visor - how cute! haha

For the soon to be mommys! I wish I'd have read up more before hand! This can be very helpful along with talking to moms who've been there before. My two cents would be don't doubt what your doing and keep going! I felt very lost at first but absolutely love it and enjoy it now!!

A fantastic step by step guide to preparing homemade baby food. I thought it would take a lot longer, but this tells you how to prepare a week's worth in an hour!

baby food pouches.

Baby foods chart - proud to say my girl has only had food that I made for her! :)

Healthy, natural baby food :)

Daddy, Mommy, and Baby!

For all you new mommies! Too cute not to post!

things to remember when you're a new mommy

Classy Clutter: 10 DIY ideas for the "Nesting" mommy to be!

Baby's feet with mommy and daddy's wedding rings♥

Infographic on a mommy’s guide on breastfeeding.....great resource

Wish I had seen this idea when I had my babies! A DIY baby sleep beside mommy that doesn't involve the risk of rolling over the baby in your sleep.

Must do ones with his favorite toys and must remember the cake smash!! And some more pics with mommy