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from Views From the Ville

Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 2

Use plastic twist ties (like the ones from bread bags) to label electronic cords. Makes it easy to know what to unplug when you reach behind the entertainment center, etc. Also works well for labeling all the wires going in and out of your TV/DVD player/etc. so you can setup quickly after a move.

Love this idea - so decorative and non-techie looking but so helpful. And of course, you label each opening.

Get your chargers organized using zip lock bags. I recommend using a Sharpie marker to write on the bag what the charger is for. ~ The labels are pretty but they FALL OFF!


Washi Tape Cord Organization Idea

Since organization is at its best when it's aesthetically pleasing too (and I'm constantly looking for ways to work washi tape into my life), I decided to make some cute little washi tape flag labels for the ends of my cords. Now there's no investigation work needed when trying to plug something into my computer!

from Martha Stewart

DIY Home Projects

Under the desk power strip basket.... feeling dumb again, how simple and praticle is this.... hang a cheap wire basket (Dollar store) and clean up that mess at your feet, don't forget to label the cords this time though.... love it... #OrganizeIt #StorageMart