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#septemberskinchallenge Day 27= pick me up. Nirvana for me is waking up in a cloud in the mountains or listening to the high tide crashing the shore. Surrounded by nature and animals is truly were I find the greatest joy in life and I'm always seeking out my next adventure which is hard when home base is a metropolitan city. Since I can't afford to backpack the world like I'd love to... I try to find simple ways to incorporate this passion into everyday life. I'd say the thing I love most…

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How Mentally Strong Are You?

I did this one for my friend Alisha who is such a North lover. Plus, I'd love to call North when I have a nightmare <3

Don’t forget to lock the door! We all know what fan service is (and if you don’t I’d advice you to look it up first) and many love it. From the subtle textual nuances in the anime to more graphic images, fanservice was for the fans and even made by fans. Our list has the Top 14 anime that gives the viewers what they wanted! In no particular order get ready for boobs, abs, and ass.

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Ditch Your Cover Up, Summer Abs Workout

I would love to meet Theo. If I did, I would just cry of happiness and I'd never be able to stop

Why yes i'd love to look like Gerard Buttler even though I'm a girl, thank you very much.

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We’re all just walking billboards (22 photos)

all I can say is I'd love to see my husband carry the groceries in with these bags. Comical!