Felt Heart Garland. So easy! @Gillian W

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I've made these mini-pincushions and they're a fast, easy, charming gift.

how to paint letters perfectly! so easy! why didn't I think of that!?!

Love it and it seems like it will be easy!

DIY easy bracelet

heart garland

Felt Heart Tutorial

Great felt hearts.

Looks easy enough....

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Wreath. Isn't this pretty? and it looks so simple to do. Very easy for the children to help with or for older ones to make for themselves.

felt sewing #diy

diy small cage

Crafts stalker: Valentine Paper Heart Garland. Ethney always wants to make a chain! What a cute idea besides the traditional circles!

Easy t-shirt upcycle.

Hazlo Tu Mismo / Do It Yourself


Thoughts from Alice: Rustic Valentine's Love Banner {no sew diy}. cute!