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This would be a nice place away from the fast lane of life.

image taken from the International Space Station of America's eastern cost at night which shows northeastward: Philadelphia-New York City-Boston corridor, bottom-center, western Lake Ontario shoreline with Toronto, left edge; Montreal, near center

italy photo taken from space (presta atenção no formato perfeito de uma bota!)

Foto tirada na Estação Espacial Internacional mostra Itália de noite

This nighttime panorama of Europe was photographed by one of the Expedition 30 crew members aboard the International Space Station on Jan.

All earthquakes since 1898    Need a reminder of the relationship between earthquakes and plate tectonics? Look no further than this map of the world’s earthquakes since 1898, providing a beautiful glowing outline of Earth’s tectonic boundaries.    Created by data visualisation company IDV Solutions, this map highlights all 203,186 earthquakes that have occurred, of magnitude 4.0 or greater.

Stunning Map Reveals World's Earthquakes Since 1898

More than 100 years of earthquakes glow on a world map. - This map shows earthquakes magnitude or greater since each is marked in a lightning-bug hue that glows brighter with increasing

Beautiful image by Eric Fischer on Flickr. Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter tweets. White dots are locations that have been posted to both.

See something or say something, a social media map of london from a collection of works by eric fischer. I love this concept


Mergulhando com as águas-vivas em Palau

The Pacific Rock Islands of Palau, also called Chelbacheb, is a collection of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

You are here in the Milky Way

Galaxies look like art, like something unreal. However, what stuns me the most is not the beauty. It is the fact that places like this exist, gigantic places, with their own system. and that we're barely a dust in this world of giants.


Aurora Borealis steals the scene in this nighttime photograph shot from the International Space Station as the orbital outpost flew over the Midwest on Jan.

See the Earth from space

earth photo from cosmos «Earth from space «Space photos «Universe, space, galaxy photos gallery

A closer look at Orion

A closer look at Orion

The constellation of Orion holds much more than three stars in a row. A deep exposure shows everything from dark nebula to star clusters, all embedded in an extended patch of gaseous wisps in the greater Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.

Más o menos así se vería nuestra Galaxia de canto. NGC 891 está a 30 millones de años luz de distancia y tiene unos 100.000 años luz de diámetro.

NGC 891 Edge-on- The spiral galaxy spans about 100 thousand light-years and is seen almost exactly edge-on from our perspective. In fact, about 30 million light-years distant in the constellation Andromeda, NGC 891 looks a lot like our Milky Way.



Top of the grand stairwell, Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, 2008 Though insane asylums, prisons and hospitals wouldn't necessarily be the first places that co

25 Bone-Chilling Photos of Abandoned Places

Risultati immagini per immagini Stromboli

Risultati immagini per immagini Stromboli

The Opportunity rover is still going strong after more than 8 years of exploring.

Mars Rover Sees Its Shadow in Red Planet Crater (Photo)

"Ciudades de Noche": NY

Galería de "Ciudades de Noche": Un proyecto para medir y reducir la contaminación lumínica - 2

From Chris Hadfield: New York City shining by night. Central Park is visible from space, and maybe even the light on the Statue of Liberty.