Revolights are a set of thin profile LED rings that you can attach to your bicycle rim to simulate a flashing LED light display. They are smart lights that always point forward and back to light your path.

Revolights Lighting System #biking #sports

Bike Tire Lights | 19 Insanely Clever Gifts You'll Want To Keep For Yourself $6.96 each. -- My brother in law needs these. He's an avid cyclist.

iFlash magnetic bicycle lights | kibisi

how could this not already exist?

BodyFloat™ - An evolution in bicycle comfort and performance by Cirrus Cycles, via Kickstarter.

Swiss Army USB Flash Drives

The Copenhagen City Wheel turns any regular bicycle into a hybrid. It was developed at MIT and is nominated for the Dyson Award.

Kickstarter Project - Theft Resistant Bike Light (And an awesome bike light, at that!)

i need whatever mechanism attaches beer to bike. yes.


#bicycle storage solution

Bicycle, bicycle.


great gift for cyclists , gadget dads and men on the go handy too christmas , birthday fathers day inspiration Bicycle Cup Holder



Quick stand & lock for bicycle by Soohwan Kim, Junho Yoon, Dohoon Lee & Hyojin Park


Bicycle LED Lights, so cool!

chalk as you ride. awesome!!