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  • Christiane

    Volunteers with Volunteers in South Africa and be blown away by our beautiful bird life! Lilac Breasted Roller

  • Kim Monet

    One of my favorites! Lilac Breasted Roller - great bird, great name. looks like it fell in a paint palette

  • Jyl Forsyth

    Lilac Breasted Roller, a bee eater from Africa.

  • Phyllis Henson

    Lilac Breasted Roller...such a dreamily colored bird!

  • Karen Williams

    Pretty bird - Lilac Breasted Roller of Africa.

  • Cindi Clark

    Lilac Breasted Roller ~ beautiful little bird......

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Lilac-Breasted Roller by 'NZSam' via flickr photo share★❤★

Lilac-breasted Roller, Chitabe Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Lilac-Breasted Roller on a Trumpet Thorn (Catophractes alexandrii) on flickr taken by NZSam in Etosha, Namibia.

trying not to think about how that still-egg baby will die from competition when it finally hatches. Ugh, bird mommies!

this color is so pretty

Southern Carmine Bee-eater(Merops nubicoides).They are attracted to wildfires because of the flushed insects, and are often seen circling high in the air. They also eat rodents and lizards.

Bali Mynah- is restricted to the island of Bali in Indonesia, where it is the island's only endemic vertebrate species. Critically endangered. Photo by cm2852

Green-Crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula) © Chris Morgan

I believe this is an indigo bunting. I saw one the other day here in Virginia. Is that possible? I had never seen one before. And now today here is one on Pinterest.

#819 白鷺四娃 / ‘White heron four baby’ Little Egret, taken at Pinglin, New Taipei City, TAIWAN ~ by John & Fish, via Flickr