hmmmm #cat

Surprised Kitten

Maybe you should get that abscessed tooth looked at...


Now bring on the main meal.

It wasn't me

Both of my Bengals have these astonishing green eyes. In fact, they came from the breeder that bred the green eyes into the breed.

oh alright!, but just this once!

Cat lady love.

cheeeez pleeez!

beautiful odd-eyed cat

Appears Suspect

✮ Look at those eyes!

Lol :))


Keeping clean and pretty!

Oh that face

Wooden Cat Stacking Game. $19.99 - Each set includes six cats in various poses. Laser cut from solid teak, the cats come in 4 different sets including a vast array of cat poses such as the "stretch & yawn", "play time", "shrug of indifference," and the classic "feed me or I'll bite your legs." Cats measure approx. 1" x 1"