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  • Darlene McHenry

    This picture shows just how far storage has come since the days of the humble floppy disk we all used to love! All that data on one MicroSD card!

  • La Cousi

    True fact #251: the evolution of data storage

  • Gary McNinch

    Get frustrated when your flash drive is out of storage space? Take a deep breath, look at this photo, and remember: at least it's not 1990. I remember it all. 5 inch floppy disks in 1980... c:|run

  • Sophia Kwong

    A visual representation of how information technology has changed over time

  • Jennifer Willis

    25 years of storage. makes me feel old, I remember using all of these!

  • Norman Dubidad

    25 Years of Storage. Almost as long as I have been working on computers.

  • Pezhman Tt

    One MicroSD card stores more than the rest of this media combined (25 years of storage illustrated).

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The whirring hard drives that once occupied entire university labs held but a fraction of the data we carry in our pockets every day — and that’s only 50 years of progress. Today, as we move further into the cloud, and witness the latest and greatest pocket media devices, we thought it fitting to take a look back at how far we’ve come on our quest to store as much information in as little space as possible.

When, I ask you? --Sorry, history nerd in me couldn't resist.

These are the things worth saving and bringing out 20 years later! So cute.

From Urkel to Gleek, the continuing evolution of the Geek. #squishable #plush

Thank you technology...

Evolution of the geek. lol~ xP I will have to disagree about combining 'book geek' with 'Twilight' though...but that's just my opinion~.