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Explore Normandy Early, Valley Sharon, and more!

Frost on a field in Normandy. (early this morning in our valley - Sharon Santoni)

prithee, my dear - film photography - Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Your words shook me right out of a daydream I was lost somewhere cold and it looked haunted I was asking strangers but no one understood me I was drenched in sweat when your words came to me." #explore #winter #woods #wander

LOVE THIS, so simple for a beautiful hero image? and some really inspirational copy. of course HAPPY HOLIDAYS instead of Merry Christmas All over Normandy there are properties with old stone barns attached. We have one, our neighbours have two, across the road there is at least one more. Our barn above, is used to store hay, put away the bikes, hold parties for teenagers

My room was just by the chicken coop and there yard. I still sometimes here SPORT in the early morning. Great childhood memories!!!

from Country Living Magazine UK

October at Walnuts Farm

At Walnuts Farm most of the harvest from the kitchen garden has been gathered in but there's still lots to do. Find Walnuts Farm in Country Living magazine.