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"Jumping Princess" | Photographer: Ashley Potter, 2008

okay, gotta admit that Jesse Morrison and I do this all the time haha!! it's so much fun!

The wife would never let me do this with our kids

I once won an award for jumping in Jump Rope for the Heart. This pic should inspire me to take up the habit again.

Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, Japan. This photo works because of the leading lines that, despite going horizontally, point towards the person running. The black and white work well for this too because they contrast so much.

#Aleksei Bedny whose work focuses primarily on the relationship between living things with their shadows and the space they occupy in the urban environment, which plays an important role in the composition.

... if a lady chooses not to drink alcohol, she does not impose her decision on other people. If she is offered a glass of wine, she simply says, "No, thank you, but I would love some ginger ale." She offers no further explanation ... Candace Simpson-Giles

reminder...Lucian Freud....stripes...girl...naked....blinds....and always someone watching.

stripes- And for additional impact! red sparkly shoes....that you can click together and say...`there`s no place like home~......

by Gjon Mili: by Gjon Mili