52605 Fothergilla gardenii By horticultural art

54541-01 Clethra alnifolia by horticultural art, via Flickr

blue grey

By horticultural art

Christina Meeusen http://fineartamerica.com/featured/winter-maple-leaves-christina-meeusen.html

Lesley Richmond is a textile artist inspired by natural forms and textures. She works with textile processes to simulate organic surfaces.

LIGHT: 6. COOL: cool means there are cool tones(green,blue,grey,purple..) in the picture. The blue rain-drops and blue leaf are cool toned therefore making it a cool picture.

52431 Syringa vulgaris by horticultural art, via Flickr

Colour inspiration - green texture pattern

I chose this image because I think it has amazing texture. The texture of the leaf and the veins create an amazing image. The water droplets add to the texture and help create strong light and dark areas.

55130.01 dried leaves by horticultural art | Flickr

leaves - great!

dried silk tree leaf #patterns and #textures #nature

Aureate...Autumn via Joy

"Before Winter Comes" by ketisse. To have a colourlovers pattern printed on fabric, go to http://www.colourlovers.com/store/fabric

wingthread: jessieisarobot: Pittsburgh has a beautiful Autumn.


by horticultural art via flickr



"Croton Series 1" Silk Painting by Deborah Younglao