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Amazingly adorable corgi pic. I wonder if it's a puppy, or is it just the perspective that makes it look that way?

  • HandySam Creations

    This is a photo of my Corgi, Herbie Girl, when she was 3 or 4 months old. She's all grown up now, but still cute!

This melts my heart. Real men are kind to animals and not afraid to stand up for what's right.

...When you're short - 'ya have to stand up to see over the grass !! Great stance for a little Frenchie pup !

Official corgi wranglers for the Queen - where do I apply??

  • Nicole Junkin

    @Linda, LOL probably! I've never owned one, but I have met several working in vet clinics. They are always the sweetest personalities, so smart and frisky. I would love to have one.

  • Mary Winnie Tatman

    Linda I sent this to my neighbor Kima, she has 2 of them and they rule the roost & I have a shih Tsu that is blind. They give him a hard time.

  • Linda Taylor

    Mary, they have to give him a hard time. He is obviously not catering to their every whim. And *gasp* he might bump into them, or step on their toes. Oh tragedy.

  • Lisa Simmons Mobley

    My daughter would love this job.

  • Kelly Hammons

    The best job ever :)

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"Pucker Up!" | Just in time for the holidays: another fabulous pic of cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi Stoli, via Flickr - Photo Sharing! © Holly Hildreth Photography

Borgi (border collie & corgi). Could be fun to have a BORG DOG! Call him 7 of 9, or whatever his number in the litter is?

Aww :) i want a kitten (or two)

"My new puppy Shorty. He's a black lab corgi mix if you can believe it. Thanks for all the comments and explore!" - Hans Halgren

  • Chris Guillen

    daaaaaaaang!... haters much?! what happened to JUST LOVING THE HEK OUTTA YOUR PET(S)?! that's why the pup was brought into the home, to be a part of a family...good lord! take your "protesting sign and attitude" elsewhere, Candee. this dang dog is a cutie! PERIOD. watch the westminister dog show and remember why YOU'RE watching it...because you love dogs. not because you wanna nit pick & GET ALL POLITICAL....otherwise try the walking dead :) WORD.

  • Ariel Reese

    He looks just like my puppy!

  • Sandi Billington

    You're very lucky then!

  • Cindy Gregory

    I have one of these! She was a rescue...

  • Sandi Billington

    I wish I had one!! He is so cute!!❤️

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