homemade stamp ideas---perfect for creative gift wrap

beautiful rolling pin stamps

Homemade jewelry tray. With the tutorial.

use bleach + a pencil to stamp designs on fabric

DIY Cardboard Stamp ~ Housing A Forest

Homemade stamps tutorial

Take a sticky roll lint remover, add some raised craft foam shapes and you have a great new way to stamp out some art!

Stamp Making

How to make your own hand-blocked stamps for printing on fabric via craft.tutsplus.com.

NEW! arrows- rubber stamp sheet – Alisa Burke

Fun with Foam Printing

Make HOMEMADE personalized fun stamps and give them to your artist! wood block scraps with foam for stamp designs - U can do this!

Make custom cookie stamps with salt dough!!

Make your own stamps. All you need is a little craft foam, glue, and a wooden block.

Tutorial: Secret to Cutting Felt. I didn't know about this method!

Mod Podge your lids - This would be perfect to give those Christmas cookies or fudge in!

village stamp

Homemade bags/boxes out of wrapping paper.


This is so cool! Paintable wallpaper in a truly retro design.

diy bowl