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The Fraternity

Sue Thomas: FBEye. Probably my favorite show of all time. It's been 4 years and I still miss it.

As said on "The Newlywed Game" from Volume 3. #SueThomasFBEye http://suethomasdvd.com/store/sue-thomas-f-b-eye-volume-3/

Sure you are, Myles

Phoebe and Cole from Charmed

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye

Sue Thomas FBEYE | Behind the Scenes | Sue Thomas F.B.Eye | The Official Site of the ...

Sue Thomas F.B. Eye - love this old TV series


Sue Thomas F.B. Eye

sue thomas fbeye pictures | Myles tries to help an older woman with groceries | Sue Thomas Fbeye

Sue Thomas FBEYE | Sue Thomas (left) on the set of Sue Thomas: F.B. EYE with actress Deanne Bray (right)

Episode 121 - "The Sniper" Sue and the team are thrust into a pressure packed case when they determine seemingly random shootings in D.C. are the work of a serial snip... #SueThomasFBEye

False Profit

Spencer Reid

As Said on "Pilot" from Volume 1. #SueThomasFBEye http://whatsinthebible.com/how-to-raise-kind-kids/

Miles Leland III

Love this episode

Episode 220 - "The New Mafia" Sue goes undercover with Tony, a visiting FBI agent, in order to infiltrate a mafia family. #SueThomasFBEye