Shoe drawers from IKEA <3 You wouldn't even have to have it in the closet if you didn't want to!

love the shoes

Weekend bag with separate bottom compartment for shoes. I love this.

Shoe racks. This is what I am doing in my room :)

organized rainbow

Walk-In Closet Layout Ideas | walk in closet ideas

i wish i had that many shoes!!!

The Lazy Shoe Zen by leonardparker1 on Etsy, $26.00?? Shut up! This is so smart! I need about 5 of these to store mine

A china cabinet for shoes! This cabinet in black or white would be SO gorgeous! I'm definitely doing this!

Closets in heaven :)

I so want this for my shoes.

dream shoe closet.

Red bottoms in a Tiffany blue! Ahhh <3 whyyyyy must they be so expensive?!

shoe closet. yes please.

shoes, shoes, shoes