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  • Sui Sauce

    IN HONOR OF AFRICAN ANCESTORS AT BOTTOM OF THE ATLANTIC Vicissitudes Underwater Sculpture - Grenada, West Indies Artist Jason de Caires Taylor, with Johanna Fernandez , Ari Merretazon and Tina Varick, NPR article about the artists’ work.

  • Janet Gorgone

    underwater sculptures placed to protect coral reef erosion, now part of an underwater museum - available to visit only via scuba-diving at the MUSA Museo Subacuático in Cancun, Mexico

  • Emmeline Lily AshFord

    Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor at Cancun, Mexico’s MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) provides a very unique way to view art in a very unique location. The underwater art museum can be viewed scuba diving, snorkeling, night snorkeling, glass bottomed boats, parasailing, and free diving.

  • Knowthena :)

    A Caribbean Island for Everyone / Best for Sport: Grenada With more than 50 top-notch dive sites, this small southeast Caribbean island should be on every scuba enthusiast’s bucket list. Among the best is Molinere Bay, home to a striking underwater sculpture garden by artist Jason de Caries Taylor.

  • Laura Foy
    • 3 years ago

    That's not what that sculpture represents. You can read about this and the other sculptures here This one is called Vicissitudes.

  • Evy Stensby
    • 3 years ago

    this is what is says at his site: JASON DECAIRES TAYLOR’S ‘VICISSITUDES’ Vicissitudes depicts a circle of figures, all linked through holding hands. These are life-size casts taken from a group of children of diverse ethnic background. Circular in structure and located five meters below the surface, the work both withstands strong currents and replicates one of the primary geometric shapes, evoking ideas of unity and continuum.

  • Bethany Wright
    • 3 years ago

    I understand the thought behind this, but how many people are actually going to get to see this in person?

  • Laura Foy
    • 3 years ago

    Well the point of it is to create an artificial reef, to take the pressure off the natural reefs. This one is in Grenada and it's only in 5m of water, so pretty much anybody that can get in the water can see it. There's another set of them in Cancun with a few shallow enough to snorkel on there too. The rest is for divers.

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