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❧ How to Make Scented Rice Microwave Heat Packs *** "By Athena Hessong, eHow Contributor". Soothe aching muscles without paying for an expensive aromatherapy heat pack. Using long-grain rice and lavender essential oil, these homemade packs can be heated in the microwave to release the scent and warm the interior. Using the packs on sore muscles can ease tension and bring relief.

Ease headaches and migraines naturally with this soothing essential oil blend! #lavender #headache #naturalremedy

Boo boo bugs. Fill them with rice & warm them or keep them cool in the freezer. These are great, love that they can be both warm or cold! Perfect for growing pains and bumps and bruises!

DIY rice and lavendar eye pillows (freeze/refridgerate for puffy eyes or heat up to melt away headaches) -- This would also make great ice packs for your wee ones. My daughter has a sensory disorder and hates when we put ice cold packs on her owies - so this would be a great alternative!


How to Make Aromatherapy Rice Bags

How to make aromatherapy rice bags (hot or cold)

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Rice Bag Tutorial

Homemade hot/cold rice bag -I was thinking I should make one of these a few weeks ago and then promptly forgot

Earache - Ear Infection #Aromatherpy Ear plug- warm olive oil (1tsp), 3 drops tea tree oil, 2 drops lavender

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Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

essential oils for bath salts and shower bombs. DIY lush products

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Eucalyptus in the shower

Oh and I LOVE the scent of eucalyptus!

An extremely useful essential oil chart listing out therapeutic properties of each essential oil, it is a must-have for every essential oil user.

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Homemade White Tiger Balm

How to Make a Homemade White Tiger Balm. This homemade white tiger balm really clear the nostrils and soothe the muscles. It’s practical to use this because the ingredients are affordable and the steps are easy.

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How to Make Lavender Essential Oil Extract

How to Make Lavender Essential Oil