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Bwhahaha. My hubs would totally agree. Thank goodness (in a weird way) that we've been on injects for the last 2 years. No more Clomis crazies.

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Cards That Explain Infertility


this is perfect! every time i've peed on an ovulation test or a pregnancy test in the past 4 years it gave me the finger. i've all but given up.

The infertility gamut: A helpful at-a-glance guide to my #infertility Footsteps for Fertility Foundation is a charitable organization created to raise awareness surrounding infertility, and provide grants for those who require fertility treatments such as; in vitro fertilization, frozen embryo transfer, and intrauterine insemination through donations and strategic partnerships with fertility clinics. Visit us at

Babblefrom Babble

Cards That Explain Infertility

I wish I could post this with offending people, but really I love peoples children just going through a rough time



So very true

Definitely have felt this. That's the kind of sad that an infertile woman feels when they find out that yet another friend is pregnant. Then you're doubly sad because you're sad that you're sad when you feel like you ought to be happy for your friend. <--- :(