Paint chips and poster frame = calendar!!

paint chips book marks

Paint swatches framed behind glass to make a dry-erase calendar. I would make a weekly calendar and use a different color for each family member. You could even mark your recurring commitments (dance lessons, work schedule, etc) under the glass so that you don't have to re-write them every week. It would be easy to swap them out if something changes.

Old frames for chalkboards or dry erase...cute for kitchen.

1. paint chips from like home depot 2. a large picture frame 3. dry erase markers dry erase board calender :)

Another pinner wrote" This is actually the best DIY art I've seen. Look out, Home Depot - I'm coming to take some paint chips! KTB maybe this is how you get the artwork you've been searching for?!

I LOVE IT! DIY: dry erase burlap calendar

I like this for under the kitchen sink - a coffee can. Smart.

paint chips + hole punch + glue - pictures - baby shower gift

This Week and Next Week Boards a week at a glance dry erase boards using Ribba frames from Ikea and pieces of scrapbook paper.

Birthday Reminder Calendar - could so make this!

Use a collage photo frame to make a dry-erase weekly calendar!

Make a dry erase board out of anything framed with a plastic or glass cover. That means, you can create this awesome dry erase calendar with paint chip samples. Totally cheap and totally chic!

Calendar made with scrapbook paper and an 18" x 14" picture frame. Use sharpie for the dry erase marker and use rubbing alcohol at the end of the month to remove the sharpie. So many different options :)

paint chip bookmarks

Corkboard calendar - I like that you can pin tickets and invites right on the board

My latest Pinterest-inspired project. This was super simple and cheap to make :)

Dress up a cheap frame by decorating is with glue, let it dry, and then paint over it with one solid color and it looks like a specialty carved frame!