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diy pillow

Who would've thought??? Boil avocado skins to make a beautiful vintage dusty rose colored dye for fabrics, lace, paper, etc. (Original idea posted here: gerdiary.blogspot...)


Ice Dyeing How To with time lapse

How to dye roving in the microwave - Easy tutorial and beautiful colours! Fitzbirch Crafts

wrap rusty ceiling tiles...weight them properly...let them rest overnight...unwrap...rinse...wash & dry new rusties

Sun dyed fabric with lumi ink - watching the colour develop kept a 3 year old occupied for quite a while!

experimenting a new silk painting technique


Natural Dyes - phenomenal article from Twist Collective

Fabric created using marbling method by Dreamsicle Sisters

Lisa Kerpoe: Ice Dyeing - results on dried soda ashed fabric

A quite lovely natural dye chart from Jessika Cates. via her site Collective Individual

How to make your own galaxy shirt- Totally doing this!

Tzuri Gueta is a innovator in technologies for textiles. Having consulted for Armani, Dior, Mugler, and Gaultier, he has launched his own collection of accessories incorporating lace and silicon, and laser cut textiles.

Instead of dipping a block in color, the artist dips a block in liquid wax and then prints on the paper. Once the paper is dry, the artist paints the paper with color and irons the paper to remove the wax.

Block printing technique

Blatant self promotion...but hey

Sharpie & alcohol

Spray bleach, then colors.

Sharpie & alcohol Project!

Brilliantly colored Crayon Batik how-to. Great instructions.

DIY: Galaxy Shirt

Tie Dye Tote Summer Kid's Craft Matt Valk Chuah Gunny Sack #SummerOfJoann