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super bowl nacho bar . . . tortilla chips, melted cheese, seasoned ground beef, chopped tomatoes, green onions, black olives, sliced jalapeños, black beans, guacamole, salsa, & sour cream. IMAGE ONLY.

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Cute & simple way to serve snacks at a football party

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One guest is given a clothes pin at the beginning of the party. Their goal is to discreetly clip it on to someone else's person. Afterward they walk away and call out " Tag'm and Bag'm". Everyone then starts a countdown from 5 as they search frantically to see if they were the one tagged. If the tagged person doesn't pull off the clothes pin before the countdown is finished then they must reach into the bag of fate. the bag of fate is an embarrassing dare.

Super Bowl Party!

This website has the most creative party ideas for any theme you are looking for! Good to have pinned!

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Great way to serve salad at an outdoor party---no bugs! These jars are cheap at Walmart. Put them in a tray full of ice to keep em cool.

dry erase boards from white corner tiles- GENIUS!!

Yard line pennants for a football party. Great for Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl Party

Caramel apple bar