how to dry hydrangeas

How to dry hydrangeas by Funky Junk Interiors

beautiful blue urn with dried hydrangeas in shades of brown, beige, blue

Drying hydrangeas.


Why you need to prune new wood hydrangea bloomers in late winter. | Illustration: Jillian Ditner |

Dried hydrangea frame/wreath

potted hydrangeas in a dark antique pink color...

Herb drying rack...utter coolness! witch craft inspiration pagan

dried hydrangeas

How to plant low cost, low upkeep 'forever flowering flowerbeds'...

how to dry and create cool projects with hydrangeas, chalkboard paint, crafts, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Hydrangeas can look like this all year around I love using them because their blooms are so abundant and quickly brighten up spaces

How to dry Hydrangeas

succulents. more succulents

protect your hydrangeas during winter... Just brilliant! Probably good for any perennial that needs a little help overwintering...

How to root Hydrangea Flowers for your Garden..

How to dry hydrangeas


Blushing Bride Hydrangea

How to Grow Hydrangeas