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Campfire Cooking Recipes | Best, Easy Campfire Cooking Ideas by Survival Life

Quick and Easy Campfire Recipes

Travel can be a very stressful time. Here are some new gadgets that can help ease the transition.

10 Cool Tech Gadgets For Travel That You Can Purchase

32 things you "need" when camping including the Scrubba Wash Bag: Clean your cloths on the go using this dry bag with a washboard insert and a small amount of whatever 'soap' you have with you.

Funky Flames Fire Color Changers - 3 Pack

Change The Color Of Your Campfire

ray ban Make your own :Change The Color Of Your Campfire Also you can use a copper pipe and garden hose inside it will do this also.

A campfire cooking primer: everything you need to know to cook in the great outdoors.

A Campfire Cooking Primer

WILD BLUEBERRY STEAMED PUDDING Whether on a campfire or backyard grill, this easily prepared dessert steams in a Dutch oven while you go about your business. Add a dollop of whipped cream or lemon curd to finish.

Campfire Cones | Recipe Sharing Community #womenshealth

Campfire Cones | Recipe Sharing Community #womenshealth

campfire vegetables-mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, and tomatoes

Campfire Food - Campfire Cooking With a Cast Iron Dutch Oven - 6 Essential Tools -- Check out this great article.

DIY awesome & inexpensive camping sink (or garden, yard, etc)

also can use for garden sink outside - clean vegis before bringing them in / Super Cheap, Lightweight, Full Size camping Sink.thought this was a great idea for all you campers out there.


These DIY Polar Bear Tubes Work Better Than Ice in Your Cooler

Saving Money with DIY Reusable Ice Packs for Coolers. Camping season is just around the corner. These DIY reusable icepacks for your cooler may be just what you need to keep the beverages cool on the (Camping Hacks Cooler)

~50 Camping Recipes

This collection of 50 Camping Recipes will be your go to resource to help plan your next camping trip!

grill foil packs

Foil Pack Grillers: 12 Easy, Original Ideas To Toss On The Grill

Hobo dinner/Aluminum Foil Dinner ideas that can be cooked over an open fire in the coals or grilled on the BBQ. Great for Camping or Hunting Camps.

30 Camping Tin Foil Dinners - One Sweet Appetite

30 Camping Tin Foil Dinners - One Sweet Appetite

30 Camping Tin foil Dinners Place parchment paper between your food and the foil to keep the food away from the foil when hot. Good for just for the two of us meals.

EASY Camping Recipes. Perfect for weekend summers in the woods! Campfire recipes.

A couple of Real Family Time recipes in here! > EASY Camping Recipes-- chase already makes awesome camping food

Foil Packet on the Fire -  25  Great Camp Recipes...plan to use around fire pit!!

Our favorite camping recipes - foil packet recipes, Dutch oven recipes, homemade trail mix recipes, gourmet s'mores recipes and lots more for campfire cooking.

Woof-em soak stick in cooking oil

Woof 'Em: a delicious campfire treat

DIY Woof-em sticks - soak in cooking oil then wrap with a biscuit (see tutorial for making sticks)

Camp Bread…  Fresh baked bread by the campfire.

Camp Bread

Use this simple skillet bread to dip in soup or enjoy it by itself dipped in olive oil or slathered with butter. **How good are you at cooking over hot coals at the campfire?