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  • Felecia Peterson

    Paris- meet me at the carousel. #holidays #christmas #travel #bucketlist #winterwonderland

  • Anna Foster

    Carousel in snow. Paris, France One of the only places on Pinterest that I have actually been to!

  • Harriett Seckinger

    snow scenes in paris | 17 Top Winter Wonderland Photos | Your Amazing Places

  • Louise Simon

    Le Carrousel de Paris in Winter #ToitsDeParis #lesPlusBellesPhotosdeParis #ParisFrance #myfashionlove


    Carousel in Snow, Paris, France photo via orollergirl

  • Imogen Lauder

    Carousel in Snow. Paris, France. Christmas in Paris? Yes please!

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Louvre District, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel du Louvre, Paris I

Snowy path in Casentino, Italy - photo via colorful

Some of the 7300 tons of iron in the Eiffel Tower.

Prewrite Directions: 1) Write the title of this setting in the collection section of a notebook (Suggested Title: Snow Day) 2) Imagine that you have been transported to this location. 3) LIST everything you SEE, HEAR, SMELL and TASTE while you are there. **Common Core State Standards: W3 and W5 (collect ideas/sensory details, plan/prewrite) Lesson link: (Photo source link below)

I love Paris - which is why I chose it as the setting for the first book in my new fashion detective series, Model Under Cover. Inspiration for A Crime of Fashion. #ModelUnderCover #CrimeofFashion

Eiffel Tower, Paris. It's a wonderful place to spend......hours and hours and hours. I watched the sun set on the city and the night lights glitter across the city. Love Paris!

Been here, in this exact spot, dozens of time. Will live near here someday. I love this neighborhood more than anywhere in the world.

Paris, France I want to eat a croissant at a street side café, see the carousel, and go to the Moulin Rouge

{travel | places : meet me at the carousel, paris} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr

Fog, Paris, France. Okay seriously, when every scenery either reminds me of Silent Hill or Skyrim IT'S TIME TO STEP AWAY FROM THE PLAYSTATION. D:

{holiday inspiration | so kiss me on this cold december night} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr

I want to eventually take a picture of a snow fall like this. Every time I try, it just looks like I'm taking a picture of trees or something. You can't see the snow flakes. Oh well....I'll get there.