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    These were my FAV! I tried describing them to Tom, but I think he thought I was crazy.

    I think this scared me every time the timer went off

    Loved this!! My parents would get these when we went on vacation!

    Now this HAS to go on my Nostalgia board - turquoise popsicle - blue raspberry flavor - my favorite growing up - and now!

    1970s Astro Pop---OMG, I LOVED these things! But they were amazingly dangerous when they were licked to a sharp point---betcha they're "outlawed" by the FDA today, since kids these days don't know enough NOT to stab themselves with their candy. ;)

    Things of the past ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) - Dingen van vroeger ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) ( Snoep fluitje )

    astro pops! i wonder haw many kids got stabbed by one of these before they reversed the design?

    These were discontinued years ago but are now being made by Leaf brands and were officially launched in June. From what I remember of Astro Pops they were very pretty (there were lots of colour variations) but they tasted disgusting and took ages to finish. My Nonno used to walk me to the shop and by these for me as well as WWF trading cards (I ate the gum and tossed the cards). -DL

    These were cool because they were more expensive than the other stuff.

    OMG! I have wondered where these disappeared to for years. Bring back pudding pops!

    I don't think they make these anymore (or anything like them). I looked all this summer (granted, only at one store over and over again, but still).