Reebok high tops

Reeboks from the 80's, had these


scratch and sniff stickers 1980s - Loved it when I got them on my school papers for good work.

this was when stickers were "special" and only found in certain stores...buying one was enough, to add to your book..the question was, take the back off or stick it in the book

Old School Lunch Pizza | School Pizza; this use to be some of the best pizza in life

Barbie Shoes | 21 Smells '90s Girls Will Never Forget

TV Memories

Cost of Living

Oh you know you tight rolled

jelly shoes

The red ink stain to teach you how to brush. made me so sick.... Not sure what's in them but they were awful.

Tickle Deodorant

Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school. Every morning!!!

Carbon Paper

remembered wearing my socks like this..

Pre-texting days


90 Monumental Moments for Girls Born in the '90s | Her Campus

i remember these

Original Quick. Old school lids!! Pop it up with a butter knife!