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Chuck & Beans are so funny!

Chuck & Beans. Taking pictures: film vs digital

There Was a Time Where You Had to Choose Photos Wisely ~ oh so true

It's a vicious circle.

Old Technology is Adorable

So True: Old Technology Is Adorable [Comic]

Chuck & Beans: Old Technology Is Adorable . - Chuck & Beans: Old Technology Is Adorable .

The dog is so freakin adorable and it made me laugh out loud!

Why I no longer read outraged blog entries: folks armed with indignation, a keyboard, and an internet connection are just not that interesting to me anymore.

The Real Reason People Argue Online

video games to unwind after work | Chuck & Beans comic via Shoebox

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Recognise this?

I'm not big on copying statuses (stati?

Conecting: Online Vs. Real Life

Social Media: Making it super-easy to connect online and then making it super-redundant to connect in real-life.

nervous tummy - I don't know why... can't stop laughing

nervous tummy - I don't know why.

Workout pain

Workout pain


Really funny cartoon joke! For more hilarious jokes with pics visit www.

[Make sure you are safe by being STD aware GROSS

This is the reason the hubby gives me for never going to the public swimming pool. It is kinda gross!

I know and care about this nomenclature. Definitely a nerd, here. A dork, too, I suppose Funny Grammar Jokes via @HubSpot

Geek vs Nerd vs Dork Which one are you?

i have those weird dreams all the time!

i have those weird dreams all the time!!