This is the President of's favorite travel quote: "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." #TravelQuote

  • Senior Geek

    Road trip, good adventures.

  • Malachi Dicki

    Travel#travelling collections #travel photos #travel tips #travel guide|

  • EZ Travel

    Inspirational Quotes About Travel This looks really good -

  • Samantha Diane

    my favorite quote !! so true

  • Nathan

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  • Sharon McConway

    A quote for all the travel lovers out there.

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We spend so much time focused on the future, on our careers and goals and money, that we forget to take a moment and live right here, right now. I want to do something crazy and wild and wonderful that doesn't require worrying and planning. I want to see the world.

My favorite thing is to go where I've never been - Diane Arbus #maps #etsy #words

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow. ~Lin Yutang

When it comes to typography, I am pretty open-minded. But I think this lettering makes it complicated to read. The "free-spirit" look detracts from the alphabet the designer is building.

My Favorite Things Is To Go Where I've Never Been: be adventurous!

Read everyday. Never stop dreaming and traveling. Life is too short to settle for an average life.

i want to travel across the world and breathe the air of new places

Yeah like no thinking...planning..worrying...hesitating.. wondering...wishing...wanting...admiring... "what if"ing...just GOING!! #travel #Till you advent!